Our offer.

Our offer is based on an expertise in the technology, business development and marketing field over the last fifteen years. We also think that you should always do what you like in life, and our offer is our passion... Let's build something bigger together!

  • We will help you to get noticed in a web full of cat videos

The lions.

We are proud to have these customers part of the no lion is born king family. They trusted us to help them build a path toward their next goal, their next step. It's only the beginning of this wonderful journey...

  • We cannot do tricks like this, but we are pretty damn good at what we do

The man.

No lion is born king is a one man army! We work closely with you and your team to make the most out of our collaboration. We also have a great network of amazing people in fields out of our expertise. The quality of our work will always be at the rendezvous!

Frédéric Harper.


Frédéric is a former Mozilla and Microsoft Technical Evangelist, he is also the author of Success in Programming published under the Apress banner. Lastly, Fred is a seasoned international public speaker, t-shirt lover, and a crazy cat man. Learn more about him at outofcomfortzone.net.